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It is known as Shopping Cart in English, called as Trolley in England, in Australia, in New-Zealand as Carriage, in some parts of America as Basket or Buggy, in East-Hungary as wagon.
Shopping trolleys can be found at department stores, especially at supermarkets. They are used in case of bigger shopping. More products fit into it, it is more comfortable to roll or even lean on it or to sit a child into it.

History of the shopping trolley

The first shopping cart

The first shopping cart
The first shopping trolley was put to service for customers on 4th June 1937 in Oklahoma. Sylvan Goldman the owner of the Humpty Dumpty supermarket chain was the inventor.

Shopping trolleys today

Shopping trolleys today
If someone says shopping trolley, means usually a Wanzl product. The owner of the company brought this idea from America to Europe in 1953 and significantly improved it. Consequently the group of self-service products expanded greatly.

The future

The future
The shopping trolley – however simple device it is – can be improved. Almost all customers are keen to find everything immediately in the hypermarkets and supermarkets. Thanks to the effect of shelf-management it is not a simple task at all. Intelligent trolleys have been invented for this.

How are shopping trolleys made?

The documentary of Discovery Channel about shopping trolley manufacture (Cari-All).


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